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Sidama Zone Video

Sidama is a Zone in the Ethiopian Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR). Sidama is named for the Sidama people, whose homeland is located in this zone. Sidama is bordered on the south by the Oromia Region except for a short stretch in the middle where it shares a border with Gedeo, on the west by the Bilate River which separates it from Semien Omo, and on the north and east by the Oromia Region.  The administrative center for Sidama is   Awasa ; other towns include   Irgalem   and Wendo. The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) reported that 63,562 tons of coffee were produced in Sidama and Gideo combined in the year ending in 2005, based on inspection records from the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea authority. This represents 63% of the SNNPR's output and 28% of Ethiopia's total output. Based on figures from the CSA, in 2005 this zone has an estimated total population of 2,938,346, of whom 1,492,715 are men and 1,445,631 are women; 260,050 or 8.9% of its population

CECAFA Challenge Cup: Ethiopia defeats Kenya 2-1. Shimelis Bekele of Hawassa City scored both goals.

  The Ethiopian national football, which lost its Group C opening match 2-1 to Uganda on Monday, redeemed itself with a 2-1 victory over Kenya here today.   Shimelis Bekele of Hawassa City scored both goals to bring his tournament tally to 3 goals from two matches. Shimelis scored Ethiopia’s lone against Uganda. Most Ethiopian sports fans thought that the team dug itself in the whole when it lost to Uganda on Monday, a match that it should easily have won considering the many chances it had. Today’s victory would greatly boost the team’s moral. Ethiopia’s last match in the group will be against Malawi on Saturday.

Hawassa City moved to 11th place with its first win (1-0) of the season

Hawassa City moved to 11 th   place with its first win (1-0) of the season with a 1-0 victory over Trans Ethiopia in Yirgalem, and Sebeta City defeated EEPCO 1-0 thanks to Biniam Assefa’s goal. In other matches, Ethiopian Coffee is back on top of the Ethiopian Premier League with a 5-3 victory over previously undefeated Defence Force here today at the Abebe Bikila Stadium. The Coffee vs Defence battle for first place produced 8 goals; with 2 of them were clear gifts by Defence goalie, who was finally replaced. The victory lifted Ethiopian Coffee to the top of the league with 14 pts from 6 matches with Defence Force & Ethiopian Banks trailing with 12 points each. However, Defence still has one game in hand.

Hawassa MSEs to Gain 40 Marketing Centres

Over 40 marketing and manufacturing centres are being constructed at a cost of 41 million Br for those engaged in micro and small-scale enterprises (MSEs) in Hawassa Town, according to the town administration. “Construction of 14 of the centres have been completed and efforts are underway to complete the remaining ones in the current Ethiopian year,” said Ashagre Uga, development planning, monitoring, and evaluation process owner of the administration. Upon going fully operational, the centres whose construction cost was covered by the government, would benefit over 3,000 people, he said.

The biggest water fall in Sidamaland - Logita Fall - Worancha.


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