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Ethiopia Inaugurates Model Biogas Village

SNV Ethiopia and Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region Biogas Programme Coordination Unit have launched the first biogas village in Ethiopia. The model biogas villages will serve as a centre of excellence for bio-digester technology and its co-products. The two partners have planned to send researchers and visitors to these villages to promote the technology as well as stimulate research related to bio-digester and its co-products.  The villages, Buna Mesk/Mendere-2, is located in Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples regional state, Sidama Zone, Wondo Genet woreda Wosha Soyama Kebele. It consists of 56 households of which 27 own more than four dairy cows - a minimum technical requirement to own 6 m3 bio-digester. In the village 21 households own fully functional bio-digester (78% of households in the village) and enjoy its benefit (energy for cooking and lighting, bio-slurry and toilet connection). All the digesters are functional. Since the launc