The Invisible Hands Trying to Turn Back the Hands of Time in Ethiopia

I just returned from Ethiopia after a 48-year absence.
Ethiopia has changed in ways I could not possibly imagine. It also has not changed at all.
The old saying is true. The more things change, the more they remain the same. I will share my experiences in my forthcoming commentaries.
But there is one thing that has not changed: The war the Forces of Darkness are waging on our peaceful change.
To turn back the hands of time and once again sit in the saddle of power, the wicked Forces of Darkness are working harder than a three-legged cat trying to bury turd on a marble floor.
They are still masterminding and orchestrating massacres from their citadel of darkness.
They are still working day and night to divide Ethiopia by ethnicity, religion, language and region.
They are doing everything they can to beckon and to provoke the Forces of Light to cross over to the Dark Side by engaging in ethnic revenge, retaliation, retribution and reprisals.
We are working day and night to keep Ethiopia chugging along on the roads Mandela named for us, and our forefathers travelled for millennia: Goodness and Forgiveness.
Our forefathers paid with their blood, sweat and tears to keep Ethiopia united.
Today, we too are paying the same price as the Forces of Darkness continue to use our peace to wage war on us.
When we stretched our hands to them in peace, they paid their murderous thugs to lop them off with  machetes.
When we opened our arms to embrace them, they tried to put daggers in our hearts.
When we offered to hold hands and walk with them in the joyous spirit of brotherhood, they tried to stab us in the back.
When we tried to reason with them that we are all bound in a single garment of destiny called Ethiopiawinet/Sewenet (our humanity in our Ethiopian identity), they clubbed us and bashed our heads with brickbats.
The Forces of Darkness deliberately mistake our patience for powerlessness; our commitment to peaceful change for cowardice; our gestures of reconciliation for retreat and servility; our goodwill for timidity and our humanitarianism and bigheartedness for gutlessness and wimpiness.
They fail to grasp an eternal truth: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
No one ever won the hearts and minds of people by killing, maiming, massacring and slaughtering innocent civilians.
As PM Abiy has said so many times, “Only losers kill innocent people.”
But the Forces of Darkness continue to plan, contrive, conspire, finance, organize and commit crimes against humanity against innocent citizens and provoke us to cross over and join them in the Darkside.
They taunt us and inflame public passions with their atrocities hoping desperately to trigger an ethnic Armageddon in Ethiopia.
But there will be no ethnic Armageddon in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is irreversibly committed to the path of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.
Hiding in their dark citadels, the Forces of Darkness think they are invisible.
They are very visible.
We can see their handprints, palmprints, fingerprints and footprints all over the killing fields of Jijiga, Burayu, Gonder, Moyale, Hawassa, Wolaita Sodo, Wolkite, Benishangul-Gumuz, Wolkait-Tegede, Raya Azebo, Gambela and Afar regions and so many other places.
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