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Stuff EPDRF Don't Want You to know about Sidama

Photo from  UNESCO "Today, the Sidama area has only a small number of schools, and inadequate health services, though primary education has increased recently. The people have repeatedly complained that Sidama does not have regional autonomy in the country and asked for the government to give the Sidama people their own region." Demographics They number 12 million (4.01% of the population) of whom 149,480 are urban inhabitants, the third most populous ethnic group in Ethiopia. Their language is called Sidaamu-afoo , which according to the 1994 national census was the mother language of 99.5% of this ethnic group. According to one authority, the majority of the Sidama practice their traditional beliefs, and only in the 1960s that European missionaries came to their region did any leave that faith. However, according to the 1994 national census, only 14.9% practice traditional beliefs while the majority (66.8%) are Protestant , 7.7% Muslim , 4.6% Catholic , and

Shifting Towards Bio-Gas to Encourage Afforestation: Best practices that observed in Wondo Genet woreda should be replicated in other villages across the country

Photo Recently, this writer met Abebe Bedasso who resides in Sheha Gekele Kebele, Wondo Genet Woreda in South Nation and Nationalities and Peoples State. When we arrived at his home, he had been preparing coffee bean for sale. He left his work behind and took us to a place where there was a big hole found at the back of his house. This writer asked him, "What is it?" He replied then "a bio-gas." Previously, his neighbors had been using enormous firewood to meet their daily energy demand. They did not realize the great impact the deforestation can bring on the environment. Unlike the previous days, things seem to change. Thanks to bio-gas; the forest has not been denatured to ash. When Abebe was asked the purpose of the bio-gas. He responded, "I am using bio-gas to cook every thing, except Injera." But, still he uses much of firewood to cook Injera due to lack of oven. Bio-gas has also been serving him to cook other foods and as a lamp for their