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ኣቶ ፍሬህይወት ሳሙኤል የተባሉ የቀድሞ የደቡብ ክልል ክፍተኛ ፍርድ ቤት ኃላፊ እና ዳኛ ሰሞኑን ከኣራምባ ታምስ ጋር ስለሲዳማ እና ወላይታ ህዝብ በተመለከተ የሰጡትን ቃለ ምልልስ በተመለከተ የተሰጠ ምላሽ

A Personal Response to Irresponsible Interview Made by “Judge” Firehiwot Samuel with Awrabatimes on October 
The so called ‘Judge’Firehiwot, I know that had been head of High court in SNNPRG until you left Ethiopia three years ago. I do not know your educational background, but I had chance to know you in Hawassa and we both left Ethiopia behind in four months apart. As long as I know you, you are one of those cadres who were chewed like a gum, once turned sour or useless, spited out.  That is what happens to idiots like you in Ethiopian politicswho make decision through political and personal will rather than principles of universal accepted law.
What interests me in this interview is the part you spoke on the issues of Hawassa, conflict between Sidama and Wolayta Nationals and your relationship with Haile Mariam Desalegn, the current prime minister of Ethiopia.

You lamented on Hawassa:
“Hawassa was Sidama administration center and at the same time SNNPRG capital, but in real term the city was under control of Sidama. Haile Mariam Desalgn then proposed new legislation to force Sidamas to leave the administration of Hawassa and move them to another town, so that SNNPRG be able to take over the control of city administration.”  In effect, you were making obvious that you are the one who doctored the legal resolution about the transformation of the city Hawassa to SNNPRG.  Who designated you that power to decide on the right of Sidama people and their ancestral land?   Did Sidama people elect you and Haile Mariam to make decision on their behalf?  Did Sidama people even know you? This is how dysfunctional government that you had been serving and intent to serve functions.

On conflict between Sidama and Wolayta,
You said animosity between Sidama and Wolayta loomed as a result of Hailemariam Desalegn deposed Abate Kisho and assumed power as SNNPRG president.  You lied!. Abate Kesho was deposed from power by TPLF gangs loyal to Meles, in the power struggle within TPLF factions (Meles VS Seye).  Abate sided to Bitew, a relative of Seye, that eventually made him lose his position. So what that has to do with Wolayta and Sidamas? All Sidamas know the truth very well. There were many Woliytas in administration positions in Sidama during Derg era and beyond. Did Sidamas complain then? Why now? The truth is that it is the work of Haile Mariam, you and your likes who operated outside boundaries of rule of law to undermine and degrade the good relationship between Sidama and neighboring people.

On Hailemariam Desalegn
You said “he is Christian, not corrupts, and let us gives him time.  I know him before and after he became
president of SNNPRG. We ate and wined together”.
At the very beginning of this interview you said, “I am tired of Ethiopian politics”.  From experience, I know
whenever people start negotiation with EPRDF, they start complain about Ethiopian politics and they say it
becomes boring.  You had problem with Meles, now Meles is gone and you can start communication with your good old friend who assumed highest office in the country.  That is what you are telling us, and we understand.
Wait a minute: Did you mention about massacre of Sidama people which Hailemariam orchestrated? Honorable Judge, you were at Hawassa and I know you personally, and you were appointed to head the committee to investigate Loquee massacre and you reported it that it was legally right. Is killing human being for seeking his right is legally right or principle of christainty? Is that you learned at law school? Does your deed match with principles of Democracy?  What if somebody kills your brother or sister, don’t you care?  The law is the foundation of the entire social order and you betrayed this principle and judged with ignorance.  One misdeed do not make you right if do some right in other place.    Mr. Frehiwot, you betrayed the people that spent its meager resource to educated you.  You went to College not by your own money, but tax paid by all Ethiopians including Sidama and Hadiya people. You did not serve the legal system as institution to serve and give back to community; instead you abused it and tried to destroy the
truth.  The truth is that you can destroy those who speak the truth, but you cannot destroy the truth itself.
Betrayal acts as an assault on the integrity of individuals, affecting the capacity to trust, undermining confidence in judgment, and contracting the possibilities of the societies by increasing distrust and skepticism.  Betrayal changes not only our sense of the world, but our sensibility toward the world. I tell you, that is what happened to you.
Why does arrogance and ignorance cause people to be cruel to other people? Lewis J. Bates once said, “cruel and cold is the judgment of man, cruel as winter, and cold as the snow; But by-and-by will the deed and the plan be judged by the motive that lieth below.”  Honorable Judge, you are answerable for your misdeeds in Sidama! Time will tell.
Busha Rabbisa


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Sidama: the Luwa and the Anga Culture and their Social Implications

By Wolassa Kumo 1. Introduction In my previous articles, I mentioned the Sidama grand social constitution Seera, and various sub constitutions which derive from this grand constitution. We have also seen that all social constitutions or Seera in Sidama were based on the Sidama moral code of halale, the true way of life. In this socio-cultural and socio-political system, the role of the elders was very important. Elders were bestowed with the power of enforcing the Seera and referring the recalcitrant to Magano or God if he/she refuses to abide by the Seera. The power of elders in the Sidama society was not based on a simple age count as is the case in most modern societies. The Sidama elder is more the product of various social processes through which he passes than the product of a simple aging. For a person to become a recognised elder with authority in Sidama, he has to become a Cimeessa (respected elder with authority) or Cimeeyye for many respected elders. There are three importa